Think about it: How many times did you want to grow a specific plant, but you had no idea how to do so? If you are one of them, don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many people want to grow strong and healthy plants, but often they have no clear idea how to do so. One of the most common made mistakes by people are:

  1. They think that every plant is the same and therefore need to be treated the same
  2. The more nutrients, the better
  3. Sunlight is not that important
  4. Plants doesn’t need much attention.

These mistakes have a tremendous impact on the success and quality of your plant. So, the question is: what should you do to overcome these mistakes and enjoy your plants?

1. Create the right environmental Conditions.

It is important to create the right environmental conditions. This includes knowing your plants’ optimal temperature, light, how much water and nutrients you should give them and how sensitive they are for fungi- and bacteria related diseases.

Fortunately, lots of information about different plants are available online or you can go to your local hydroponic store, which can tell you all about different kind of plants.

Best way to grow plants

2. Don’t give too much water

People tend to give plants as much water and nutrients as possible. But is this the right thing to do? No! Think about it: How would you feel if you are filled up during dinner, but you are forced to eat more and more? Exactly! Not that good, even though there are always exceptions. This is the same for plants, but you must know what plants can handle this. So, what tips and trick are there to found out when a plant needs water?

Best way to grow plants
  1. Find out if your plant normally lives in a dry or wet region.
  2. Stick your finger in the ground till about 2-3 cm deep. When the soil is slightly dry, it is time to water them. Feed the plants until a little water comes out of the bottom of the pot. Avoid flooding the plant with too much water.
  3. Use good drainage pots so your roots don’t get “wet feet”. This negatively effects your plants

3. Sunlight is important

The sun is of major importance to our world. Besides warming up the earth, which makes the weather in Holland pleasant sometimes, the earth would also look different without the sun. Plants use the sun’s light to grow, bloom and activate a process called photosynthesis. During this process, a plant uses water + light + carbon dioxide to produce energy in the form of glucose and oxiden. The more glucose a plant can produce the more energy the plant has to grow and bloom. We will go more into detail in another article.

Obviously not everyone grows outdoor, there are also a lot of people who grow indoor. When you grow indoor, light from a lamp takes over the sun’s role in all the processes previous mentioned. Be aware that if you grow indoor that you don’t put your lamp too close to your plants, otherwise they will burn.

Best way to grow plants

4. Plants need attention

Best way to grow plants

As much as any other living organism in the world, plants need attention as well. Yes, it is true, that plants in general can survive for a couple of days without water, but one of the biggest threats comes from something else. Fungi- and bacteria related diseases are unfortunately very common and destroy your beautiful plants while you are watching. Therefore, it is important that you check up on your plants at least every other day. This to make sure that you detect any problems, before you are too late.

A few extra tips:

Keep animals away with soap. Sprinkle flakes of soap around your garden. Rabbits, squirrels and other creatures don’t like the smell of soap, which make them unsure if the plant is safe enough to eat.

Keep slugs out. Every outdoor grower can relate to the problem slugs create. On day you don’t see them, the next day your plant is almost eaten up by them. What can you do to prevent this? Stick some coins or any other metal material in the ground around your plants! Slugs are repelled by the metal and won’t bother you anymore.

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