The most popular basil, very aromatic leaves. Use in pasta sauces, salads and with tomatoes. Combines well with garlic.



Strong summer carrot for fresh or cooked consumption. During growth the plants must be earthed up. Do not sow carrots in freshly fertilized soil.

Parsley Moss Curled


Tasty vegetable species. Requires a fertile soil and optimal fertilization. This variety is commonly used by the home gardener en has a short growth period.


Garden Cress

Also known as Peppergrass. This cress adds a pungent peppery flavour to a wide variety of dishes. Use seedling sprouts, young leaves.


Round Lettuce

Butter lettuce is perfect for summer growing outdoor. This variety has rather thick leaves and an excellent heat resistance in summer conditions.


Tomato Sweetie (cherry)

Excellent species for the hobby gardener, suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse and outdoors. Provides medium-sized fruit of about 90 grams.

Hot Pepper

Hot Pepper

Very hot pepper that is used for many
dishes. Do not eat the seeds. Sow indoor and when the plant has two
leaves, transplanting. Is best grown in a pot or on a sheltered spot in
the garden.