Product discription

High quality substrate that provides the perfect basis for plants. Pro 60/40 Mix has a naturally high air-filled porosity that absorbs water easily to take up all the nutrients. The high substrate stability with an excellent water/air make sure that plants efficiently take up all the necessary nutrients.

Pro 60/40 is 100% organic and contains 40% buffered Coco fibrous grade and 60% LECA. No sodium or potassium is added. Pro 60/40 Mix is the perfect choice to give you full control!

Product free of pathogens and organisms harmful to plants, animals and humans.


  • EC Neutral
  • 40% buffered Coco fine grade
  • 60% LECA
  • Moisture <20%
  • Low calcareous expanded clay kernels 8-16 mm


  • High air-filled porosity
  • High substrate stability
  • Absorbs water easily
  • No sodium or potassium added
  • 100% Organic
  • RHP certified
  • Chemical reaction resistant

Contains: 50 Liter

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