Product description

Reduce the pH level during the grow phase.


Add small amounts of pH- Grow until the desired level is reached

Recommended pH level is 5.8-6.5


  • High concentration

  • Designed for the grow phase

  • Minimal use

Available in: 1 L / 5 L / 10 L / 20 L

pH Grow
1 Liter5 Liter10 Liter20 Liter
£ 6.45£ 25.70£ 44.90£ 81.90

Dutchpro’s suggested retail price.

  • Corrosive, contains 38% nitric acid
  • Do not inhale fumes
  • Causes burns
  • Do not swallow
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes out with plenty of water and seek medical attention
  • Wear protective clothing- gloves are recommended
  • Shake well before use
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