About us

Dutchpro is one of the pioneers (“old school of Amsterdam”) and still the sole supplier from nutrients founded and based in Amsterdam. Our award winning high quality nutrients make growers happy for more than 30+ years.

Dutchpro strives to make the best nutrients possible by only using the highest quality materials and setting high standards for our production processes. The high-quality components will completely be absorbed by plants and leave no residu behind. This in combination with our user-friendly schedule and even less bottles makes Dutchpro one of the best brands there is today!

Currently, Dutchpro is the fastest growing nutrient company. Our team is working hard every day to uphold our core values. Quality, simplicity, integrity, availability, affordability and involvement is what guide us.

What started out of compassion and love for plants, is now a worldwide available nutrient company, where we put our customers first. Not convinced yet? Test it out yourself and see the difference!

Research and Development (R&D)

Since the beginning, Dutchpro always heavily invested in research and development. Over the years, new products have been introduced to fulfill all wishes of the modern grower. One of our great results is the introduction of our ‘soft water base feed’ version in 2009. The soft water version is developed specifically for people, who live in areas where tab water contains less than 100 mg/l calcium carbonate.

Dutchpro also put his r & d department to work to create a special auto flowering.   Simultaneously, the demand for auto flowering plants has increased over the last few years. Dutchpro immediately put his resources on developing special auto flower nutrients to promise the best results. After an intensive R&D period, Dutchpro created the perfect auto flowering line, that is special in his kind.


Sustainability plays an important part in our society, whereby Dutchpro tries to walk ahead in becoming a completely sustainable company. Investments are being made to increase energy efficiency, all garbage is seperated and employees are encouraged to reduce waste. There is also a bonus for employees who donate blood. Improvements in sustainability is not limited within the company. Dutchpro also has several partnerships with elementary schools to teach children how to grow crops in a sustainable way.