Carpet forming plants, beautiful white petals and a scent that attracts butterflies, will definitely give you joy all summer.


Large feathery flowers on branching stems, early flowering, ideal cut flower.


The cornflower, with its star-like blossoms of brilliant colors, is one of the most striking wild-flowers. Sow september for spring flowering.


Showy, double blooms in shades of red and pink are produced in abundance. These godetias are guaranteed to brighten any garden.


Brilliant deep blue dainty blooms smother the dwarf compact plants. Extraordinary beautiful. Bronze-green foliage gives a nice base filler.

Sweet Pea

Large frilly blooms of vibrant colored petals on long strong stems. Can be used to create a wall of flowers in your garden.


Cherry tomato type. Excellent species for the hobby gardener, suitable for cultivation in the greenhouse and Nasturtiums are colorful annuals that are perfect for edging, bedding and pots. The flowers and young leaves are edible.

Petunia Bedding Mix

Excellent plants, covered with trumpet-shaped flowers in several bright colors for bedding. Also ideal for pots and baskets.

Petunia Balcony Mix

Rocket salad has a nutty flavour is delicious as a salad especially with cheese and pasta dishes. Use young leaves.


Beautiful trumpet shaped flowers from this plant give extra joy in the windowsill and in pots or hanging baskets.