How We Began: 1985 - The Past

Dutchpro Nutrients has more than 35+ years of experience in the hydroponics industry. We believe that plants are medicine and should be freely available to everyone that needs it. Unfortunately, other nutrient brands promote the overuse of nutrients, which lowers the quality of the plants that are being grown.

Our founders began in Amsterdam and saw this as an opportunity to give the people what they wanted. They created simple and effective nutrients, without breaking the bank.

Where We Are Now - The Present

Since then, we have been growing all over the world. Our main goal has been to make simple and effective nutrients that will increase yield and density while lowering our growers’ nutrient costs. Currently, Dutchpro is one of the fastest-growing nutrients companies due to our simple and effective line. Our team works hard every day to uphold our core values of integrity, affordability, simplicity, and quality.

Dutchpro sets ourselves apart by being the only nutrient company based on Liebig’s Law of the Minimum. “Plants need 17 Necessary elements to grow and bloom. The balance of those 17 elements determines the growth potential.  The growth of a plant is dictated not by total resources available, but by the scarcest”- Justus von Liebig. This allows us to streamline your growing process to give you the best results. 

Where We Are Going - The Future

At Dutchpro, we believe that we have the perfect recipe to cater to your plants’ needs. We have the proper ratios to increase quality and to make the plants stronger to withstand diseases without harmful chemicals. Looking to the future we want to continue to help growers reach their maximum potential,  getting them their highest yields, and make growing simple again. 

Our formula will leave your plants looking and growing better than ever before. What started out of compassion and love for plants, is now a worldwide nutrients company, where we put our customers and plants first. We are made for growers, by growers.

Not convinced yet? Test it out, and see the difference yourself!

Simple & Effective Formula

Our formula is designed to streamline your growing process. We only require using 4 bottles of nutrients at a time compared to other major brands who require more products. We cut your bottle usage by providing you with high concentrates and not skipping on the essentials!  We make growing easy. 

Heavier, Denser, and Bigger Fruits

Many growers will experience an increase in their yield after switching over to Dutchpro. We have created our recipe to help you achieve heavier, denser, and bigger fruits than ever before. Our products do this by providing your plants with more energy and sugars to create more taste and better results.

Pay Less for High-Quality Nutrients

Dutchpro provides the highest concentrate possible to allow you to pay less for more nutrients. By following Liebig’s Law of the Minimum, we ensure balanced plant health. With Dutchpro, plants increase their nutrient absorption to become healthier/more energetic and disease-fighting. By not using heavy metals or PGRs, we ensure a clean and food-grade approved product. High quality doesn’t mean more money.

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