Win a trip to Amsterdam

Hello Cannafair visitor!

Here you can see the full list with information regarding the giveaway on the trade show,
a trip to the city of our heart AMSTERDAM. Please read this list carefully so you are fully aware
of rules to play along and to understand what our prizes are.

Get lucky with second place and win a 200 euro coupon for Dutchpro products. You can buy
these products at our retailer urbangrow in dusseldorf. See all details below.

1. Social media account on Instagram or Facebook
2. Access to Cannafair 2023
3. Device to take the picture

1. Find our mascotte at the tradeshow.

You can spot our mascot at various times and locations across the Cannafair 2023 venue. IMPORTANT: The
mascot will not only be near our booth area.

2. Make a picture with our mascotte.

Feel free to take a selfie with the mascot or have someone else capture the moment for you. Remember, the winner will be chosen based on the best photo and the most creative caption.

3. Post this image on your social media channel. You can pick Instagram or Facebook (or both)

IMPORTANT : You have to follow our social media platform. You will also have to tag our account in the post for us to be able to see your post.
Once you've received a like, you can be sure that you're officially entered into the giveaway.

The winner will be announced after the show has taken place. This gives visitors on the last day enough time to
post their photo’s.

A single winner will be selected based on the criteria of having the best photo and the most creative caption. This fortunate individual will be awarded our grand prize, which is outlined in the "Prizes" section.

After the grand price, we will select a second place winner following the same criteria as the grand price (see Prizes section)

The winner will be announced on the official Dutchpro platforms Instagram and Facebook. So keep an eye out on both of these.

The winner must claim their prize within a week, without any exceptions. This entails that from the moment of the announcement until precisely 7x 24 hours later, individuals can send us a private message to claim their prize.
Additionally, we will proactively reach out to the winner.

If, for any reason, claiming the prize has not been successful, a new person will be selected. It's important to note
that even if you haven't won, there's still a chance that you might be drawn again. Therefore, please keep the
Instagram or Facebook post online in case this situation arises.

Important when selection a new winner

If the second-place winner has not claimed their prize, it will automatically be moved up to the grand prize. Since this individual originally secured the second position, we believe it's the fairest way to handle the situation.
Subsequently, a new winner will be chosen for the second prize (originally third place).
This person will be contacted personally and will later be celebrated on our page as well.

1st place :

A fully catered weekend getaway to Amsterdam, including accommodations from Friday through Sunday, for 2 people.

a. 3 days, 2 nights in the vicinity of central Amsterdam.
b. Breakfast at the hotel.
c. To accommodate different preferences: Choose from 2 outings sponsored by Dutchpro, while the remainder can
be planned as per personal choices and expenses.
d. Dutchpro covers the cost of a dinner at select restaurants.
e. Option to collect a goodie bag from a specific retailer (details to be provided to the winner).

Arrange on your own:
a. Your own activities.
b. Dinner for the remaining days.
c. Transportation to and from the location (we can assist with arrangements if needed).
d. Being on time at locations, finding venues, etc.

2nd PLACE:
€200 shopping credit for Dutchpro products at our partner Urban Grow in Dusseldorf, including a goodie bag.

a. Shopping credit worth €200 for Dutchpro products.
b. Receive a goodie bag filled with various Dutchpro marketing items/promo materials.

Important: This prize must be claimed within a specific timeframe. Information regarding identity verification and prize collection will be provided to the respective individual upon winning.

1. Participation is valid only by posting on one or both of our social media channels, Instagram and Facebook.
2. The mascot must be clearly visible in the photo. 
3. Tag Dutchpro in your post.
4. You must be following Dutchpro's account that you used to post.
5. Contact us promptly after the announcement. You have one week to claim the prize.
6. By participating, you grant Dutchpro permission to share your photo on social media channels.
7. During the trip, we will request a few photos for sharing on our platform.
8. The outcome is final and not open to correspondence.
9. Dutchpro reserves the right to make adjustments at any time.

* By participating you are aware of the rules and guidelines of this giveaway and you give permission to Dutchpro to share your content on other platforms.